Introduction to "Make it functional"

Posted on September 13, 2012

I started the “Make it functional” category of my weblog to help imperative programmers to understand some of the reasons that make us, functional programmers, love this approach and find it more convenient than the imperative one in most situations. My goal is not to start a flame war or to claim that one point of view is better than the other (even if… No, ok, forget about it) but to show through examples how convenient functional programming can be in many situation.

I know there exists many introductions and documentations for functional programming but I haven’t seen any that introduces functional programming concepts comparing them with the imperative object oriented world (ok, I didn’t spend too much time searching).

This weblog is especially dedicated to those aren’t especially interested in how things work but rather on how things can help.

Oh, by the way, the examples in the next post will be in Haskell and Java but I’m going to introduce them in the most language agnostic way.

Finally, English is not my native language (as you may already have noticed), so feel free to mail me any correction.